Cosmetic Fillers in New York by Dr. Marc Epstein of Westchester County

Cosmetic Fillers in New York by Dr. Marc Epstein of Westchester County

ultherapy-skin-tightening-new-york-marc-epstein-mdThe secret of true beauty is more than skin deep. Appearance is an extremely important attribute in human interactions and has a significant influence on our mental and physical health. After performing thousands of age-revitalizing cosmetic injection treatments, I know that most people can recapture many lost years of physical looks, regardless of their age. As an observer of human behavior, I have also come to see how deeply intertwined our physical and mental health are. I am always amazed at how transformative removing age lines and sagging skin can help change my patients general outlook on life and sense of well being.

We project our deepest inner beauty when when we feel confident and “comfortable in our own skin”. Managing aging is empowering and can help improve how we look physically which can translate to the way you feel, perceive and project yourself.

For a complimentary consultation to discover how you can look and feel more youthful and vital, contact Dr. Marc Epstein at 914-301.9425. Dr Marc Epstein is an aesthetic M.D. specializing in cosmetic injections and non-surgical Ultherapy. Dr. Epstein holds licenses in New York and Connecticut and serves patients through out Westchester County, New York and Fairfield, Connecticut from his private practice in Harrison, New York. for more information visit us at

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